Electronics Policy


Testimonials from our CMC Families

My daughter has been RAVING about her 2 weeks. She hasn't stopped recounting story after story. The Embassy Game was the highlight for her. One of the first questions she asked on our way home was: Can I go back next year? The best testament for a wonderful time. She LOVED it! Camp Parent - San Diego, CA

CMC's major strength is to allow my young teenager to explore and understand who he is in a safe and happy environment Camp Parent - Phoenix, AZ

CMC gives my child a sense of confidence in herself Camp Parent - Los Angeles, CA

Technology devices at Camp

Camp is about meeting new people and learning to grow and be a part of a safe, prospering & healthy community. Camp is a place to unplug and truly focus on the community we work so hard to create at CMC. At Camp Mountain Chai, we have made the commitment to honor and recognize camp for what we believe it is, a special landscape that allows our campers to experience the wonders and magic of our Jewish community.

Our Policy:

Summer camp offers a great opportunity to learn to navigate social situations while not being constantly connected to a digital/virtual world. It’s a place for children to develop life skills including independence and self-reliance.

Another unique feature of camp is the opportunity to build a “face to face” connected community. We believe the use of cell phones and texting distracts campers from the opportunity to become a part of this community.

For these reasons cell phones are not allowed at camp. Please account for your child’s phone before they get on the bus and be sure that your child does not try to “sneak” their phone into camp.

***Children traveling by PLANE are encouraged to travel with a cell phone and its charger. Upon meeting the CMC staff, we will take the phone.  The phone will be kept locked in our safe until the end of the session when we will return the phone (fully charged) to the camper for return travel.

In order to better facilitate our camp environment, laptop computers, portable DVD players, iPad’s, Tablets, E-readers, etc. are not allowed at camp

MP3 players are permitted, but may only be used inside the cabins during free time. They cannot have video or Internet capability and must be strictly a music device.  You can purchase a simple MP3 that only plays music at many electronics stores.