Testimonials from our CMC Families

"Dear Steve and Sas... I just wanted to convey to you how amazing Kavanah really was. I've made these insane bonds with the other kids on the trip that I wouldn't have even experienced back at camp. We were helping others while we were in Roseburg but we were also helping ourselves by learning so much about who we are as individuals. I'm so glad that this program is now a part of camp because it is truly a life changing experience"
- Claire Wengrod, Kavanah Alum

"After having this amazing experience, when I return to CMC as a staff member, the experience I have gained during my summer in Kavanah will most definitely be brought to every other project I come in contact with for the rest of my life."
- Maya Reisman, Kavanah Alum

Camp Mountain Chai offers an unforgettable and unparalleled four-week social action program for teens entering 11th grade.

Camp Mountain Chai offers an unforgettable five week volunteer program for teens entering 11th grade. Teens will travel to an international destination where they will experience meaningful volunteer opportunities through a myriad of local service organizations. While physically building within the host community, they will be fostering and developing their own tight-knit community. At the conclusion of the summer, the teens will generally earn at least 150 community service hours.

The Kavanah program develops leadership skills in our campers so that they can more effectively assume leadership roles in school, camp, and later on in life. Our teens will live, work, and play together, creating a strong bond of friendship and community. They will be joined by returning Camp Mountain Chai staff members who will also live and work with our teens, providing guidance, leadership, and supervision.

Upon completion of their travels our Kavanah’niks will travel back to CMC bringing stories and experiences to share with the campers and staff at camp.  Let us not forgot it’s at this time when tears will be shed and the bonds/experiences created over these past few weeks will show their true power!  This trip is certain to be an experience none of these kids will ever forget!

More information about Kavanah will be released in October 2017.