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The Home Stretch

It’s coming…we’re under 100 days to camp, 2014. Yes, you read that correctly…Under. 100. Days. In August, that thought seemed preposterous. We’d just returned from camp. 2013 wasn’t even in our rear view mirror as we were putting the finishing touches on the summer. Yes, we started getting ready for 2014 immediately. Yes, enrollment opened […]

It Might be Winter, but it’s Still Camp

There’s something magical about camp grounds. There’s no definitive explanation or even definition as to why this is, but my hunch is that if you ask any camp enthusiast, regardless as to where he or she grew up going to camp, they’d agree…there’s something special – even sacred – about camp grounds. Last summer in […]

Welcome (finally) to 2014!

We’re here. Finally. 2014. For a camp professional, it’s the moment in time we’ve anxiously been awaiting since the moment the buses rolled down the driveway and off the mountain, leaving camp without the campers that, well, make up camp. Now, here in the camp office we’ve been planning for 2014 since August. You’ve possibly […]

What is it that makes camp unique?

Let me ask you a question: how many of you have been to a basketball game whereupon at the conclusion of the game, both teams and all spectators form a circle standing arms over shoulders swaying and singing together in unison? Take Maccabiah out of the equation for a moment; I’m talking about everyday life. […]

Gearing up for 2014

The fun part about working for camp year round is that camp never stops. Think about that for a minute. Camp. Never. Stops. For those of you who have camp running up, down and through your veins 365 days a year (366 days during leap years of course), those words probably sound like music to […]


AUGUST 28, 2014 NEW WEBSITE, NEW SUMMER: 2014 HERE WE COME! As a camp professional, the most difficult part of our job is the realization that all summers, like all good things in life, must come to an end. No matter how hard we fight it, the routine, the ruach, the friendly, smiling faces that […]